Saturday, October 26, 2013

Campaign 2, Dangling the Carrot for Drew Noyes

Just a few minutes of your time sending a mail to Drew Noyes with a few lines asking for legal advice, could cost Drew Noyes an hour of HIS time thinking of ways to Scam you. For this you should use any newly created Hotmail, Gmail type email address, there is no need for anonymity services although you again reminded how dangerous this sick individual is, you must not use this email address for any other than Dangling the Carrot for Drew Noyes.

  • Make him think you are wealthy..
  • Subtly appear to be a little naive.
  • Make the problem sound very complicated, property/relationship etc..
  • You will be travelling to Thailand in the near future to meet up.
  • Look at the costs of calling abroad, tell him you are currently in a country that costs a lot of money to call, he is so cheap he won't even entertain the fact of asking for your number to call somewhere like Saudi Arabia.
  • Perhaps you are an oil worker with no current contact number.
  • But most importantly you must not appear to be knowledgeable of the Internet, Noyes knows that anyone who is confident of using Google is capable of doing Due Diligence and would never in a million years would actually choose Drew Noyes.
If you have time continue the email conversation with him but dont reply immediately to any mails.

And best of all the best Drew Noyes conversations we will publish here.. send to

You can really help make a difference to the innocent people of Pattaya if we all spend a few minutes to waste as much of Drew Noyes time as possible!

And if you live in a very odd time-zone, use a payphone or safe number to give him a call at 4am (He's available 24 hours a day apparently)..  Perhaps your friend needs urgent bailing out of Pattaya Police Station, don't forget to ask for his Bank Details for the cash transfer. Call him on + 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Campagn 1, the Youtube campaign

This is a very safe thing to do do for anyone (you don't need identity protection), there is no need to be worried about any sick Drew Noyes reprisals by simply disliking any of his videos on youtube.

NOTE: We are not actively encouraging anyone to dislike something that they actually like, just simply reminding people that they have a right to express themselves.

Drew Noyes has already had to remove and upload all his onestopservices videos due to hundreds of dislikes after they were featured on, let's keep up this momentum.

Links to Drew Noyes You tube pages are as follows..

Just one minute of your time may help somebody think twice before handing over their life savings to Drew Noyes, it's safe and it is free.

Safety online, protecting yourself from the Drew Noyes factor.

Any questions contact in total secrecy.

1. Do not reveal your identity if criticizing Drew Noyes publicly.

There is no freedom of speech where Drew Noyes is concerned, considering he hails from a country that values these principles, they mean absolutely nothing to Drew Noyes in Thailand. If you publicly criticize Noyes or his business then he will try to tarnish your name or even take a vexatious legal case against you, as a somewhat symbolic warning to others.

2. Be aware of IP address implications, and especially forums.

An IP address is usually recorded when you interact with anything online, for example you make a comment on a service for what Drew Noyes has control of eg. Pattaya-Times, Askthailandpolice your IP address is recorded and Noyes can find it out. Drew Noyes does not have any capability to gain information from ISP's, Google, Youtube, Facebook etc.  but he can ask popular Thai forum administrators do you know anything about a specific IP address X.X.X.X, the forum administrator or even a moderator can come back and say "Yes, that IP address has been used by "Mangus Evans" on Teak Door".

3. Use the Tor browser if possible.

Tor browser is a user friendly browser designed to protect your identity online, it is free and can be downloaded from the following address.. please also read the following advice guide  Be aware the Tor browser does may not allow you to comment on some sites.

4. Use protected email services in communications with this site and other members.

We would recommend you open an email account with a free service provider, but only use through the Tor browser. and Tor Browser work fine together.

5. Commenting anonymously on this site is anonymous.

Anybody can make a comment here anonymously or under a pseudonym, there is no way I or anyone else could obtain your IP address without a court order in the US. However, outrageous comments such as accusing people of being pedophiles etc.. will be removed as that is grounds to have this site deleted. Google supports blogs and rights to free speech (within reason) in countries where the laws are oppressive.. Drew Noyes has even accused HIMSELF by means of "anonymous comment" of some sick and disgusting things in order to have pages removed from the internet.

To be continued....

Introduction and statement of purpose

Despite all the hard work of Andrew Drummond in exposing scum like Drew Noyes, there is only so far an ethical and professional journalist can go without covering his arse legally. I'm sure there is a lot more he wants to say but can't because of the vindictive and vexatious nature of Drew Noyes and his pathetic fixation on Court Cases he has to be very careful. Drummond is a brave guy taking on these people as Thailand has proven itself to be a pretty lawless country - The fact that Drew Noyes is allowed to take out case after case of vexatious litigation against Drummond is proof of this. If this was the UK or US then he'd be banned from making Civil cases for life by now.

The computer crimes act and libel laws are there to be abused by the wealthy for persecution of the poor. Don't a newspaper journalist dare say anything bad about a wealthly Thai corporation or individual!!!

Most people are honest, hard working and genuine. Most people find the actions of a man like Drew Noyes disgusting and I'm sure many people would like to do just a little bit for the better good if they could.

However we are not dealing with a sane individual as we all know, the guy is a Narcissistic Sociopath who actually believes his own lies. Just look at his anonymous blogs to see the sick crap the guy comes out with - not signs of a well man.

He has attacked so many innocent people on his anonymous blogs, I think it is time to play the conman at his own game.

About Me (Mangus Evans 2)

I am a former Thai Expat and Drew Noyes scam victim (There are so many victims I have absolutley no fear of the penny dropping), I choose to remain anonymous because I don't want to be poisoned on the net by Drew Noyes. I am not the same Mangus Evans that produced theYouTube video warnings however that "Mangus" is in touch. It may sound like a case of the pot calling the kettle black by starting an anonymous blog to condemn in part anonymous blogs but again we are not dealing with normal or sane individuals. I do not work and I now wish to dedicate a little of my time raising awareness of the Noyes issue. I would like to form the NOYES ABATEMENT SOCIETY and we are looking for members, however there are some warnings if we are to all remain safe from the victimization and libels of Drew Noyes.

In the next topic I will explain how you can protect your identity online and how you can help the "Noyes Abatement Society" in it's work to protect the innocent in Pattaya from being bled dry by the likes of Drew Noyes.